About us

About Us

Drone services in Northampton

Sentry Unmanned Aerial Systems is an aviation information collection company based in Northampton, Northamptonshire, operating anywhere in the UK.

We provide drone services using a vast array of technology to a multitude of industries. Our aircraft can gather and provide comprehensive information in a cost effective manner and on a reduced timetable compared to traditional methods.

We have the ability for rapid response and deployment to assist you and our methods are designed to have a minimal impact on your workflow, your work site, and the surrounding environment.

Our passion for flight and our love of technology have meshed into a set of services that are designed to reduce your costs, and increase your ability to make better decisions based on the information we provide.


Drone Workshop

Back in the workshop all the builds and repairs take place. Before each job every multi-rotor 'drone' or fixed wing aircraft is prepared with a pay load unique to it's next task, be that photography, a survey, thermal imaging, 3D scanning or something different.  Sentry are uniquely equipped with all of the tooling, equipment and spares to totally rebuild one of our aircraft overnight should the need arise.









Aims and Objectives


Always operate purely for the love of flight.

Using more advanced, versatile and high quality aerial solutions than competitors to capture and analyze information as a service for our customers so they have as much information on hand to make decisions quickly and with high accuracy.

Maintain high standards of safety, CPD, commercial aviation compliance, ethics, and a respect for the environment.

Offer a broad range of services in order to identify a market in which Sentry can innovate and become the industry leader in the UK by offering a real valid alternative to traditional methods, saving: time, money, lives or all three.

  • Service provision over profit
  • Continually develop and update UAVs to keep standards higher than competitors
  • Invest in leading edge software to enable fast workflows and data delivery
  • Always operate by the company operations manual- stick to the safety policy
  • Keep abreast of industry changes from the CAA
  • Ensure all drones are solar powered where possible
  • Constantly develop and innovate using existing tech from other fields

Our Services

A diverse range of drone services

Visit our services sections to check out what's on offer or give us a call. Or check our blog to see where and what we have been flying recently.

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Whether you need aerial photography, drone survey, thermal photography or drone agronomy services in the UK- click here and tell us about your needs. We will get back in touch quickly to discuss.