3D Scanning / modelling

  • It's not just about photography

    3D Scanning

3d Modelling

drone aerial surveys

Our Drones use a fusion of photogrammetry, lidar and sonar a technique using thousands of photographs with precise measurements taken between each, lasers and sonar; any of our UAVs can generate very accurate 3D models of buildings and landscapes in full colour or multispectral imaging.

3D models are useful for:

  • Concept Planning
  • Flood risk analysis
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Jobsite Planning
  • Conservation, architecture or environmental

Once a digitial 3D model has been generated, Sentry UAS can print a 3D model of the project, or we can provide a file so you can print your own at no additional cost. We are based in Northampton but regularly travel all over the UK so give us a call.


  • Visualize projects easily.
  • Take accurate measurements including volumetric cut/fill measurements for quarrying
  • Share web based models with clients, like the one below- you can explore it and zoom with your mouse.

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