• Precision Agriculture

Using drones for precision agriculture you can:

  • Quickly assess crop health over a large area
  • Reduce field walking- target only the problem areas
  • Monitor growth rate over the season
  • Spot pestilence early
  • Identify water / fertilizer needs
  • Increase yield and reduce costs

From our Northampton base our drones will cover farms over the whole of the UK.

Sentry use NDVI (Normalized difference vegetation index) and VARI (Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index) to visually monitor the health of your crops. It involves the drone overflying the survey area in a grid pattern and taking hundreds of aerial photos with a specialized camera that sees mainly in the infra red spectrum. The chlorophyll in healthy plant mass will reflect infra red from the sun and absorb visible light, giving off a signature glow to our camera. Unhealthy or sparse plant mass will reflect visible light and absorb infra red and appear dull to our camera. The resulting image is colourised to give meaningful data. See the images below for an idea of the results of the drone survey.

Once we have completed the flights and stitched the images together into a map, we will provide the data to you or your agronomist in a format so you can open and view it in place using Google Earth.

The scan below is interactive- you can click and drag the centre circle left and right to see the before and after results of a sample crop scan. This scan is looking at healthy green plant mass. The stubble mulch on the right of the image shows as red=dead. In the centre, there is a clear strip where the crop is performing much better than in the rest of the image. Given the shape this is likely due to higher local planting density.

Red = Dead, no plant mass or standing water, Yellow= Sparse plant mass, Green= Healthy plant mass, the greener the more dense.


Soon available for purchase and used by Sentry Unmanned Aerial Systems- AgSentry. Multispectral sensored open source precision agriculture drone. With up to 8 hours loiter time, specifically designed with large areas in mind Agsentry can map thousands of acres per day. When a multirotor can't cut it, AgSentry certainly can.

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