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Aerial Surveys

Drone Surveys and Mapping

Drone surveys anywhere in the UK from our Northampton base.

High precision surveys are Sentry's speciality. No matter what your industry sector, we can perform an aerial survey with video and photography to provide you with high definition imagery of a location that you specify.

We can create maps and output in any format you desire, including a geo-referenced file format so you can open it in google earth. Our mapping software allows us to take spatial measurements such as volume and area with astounding accuracy. We can create DEMs for soil erosion recording and flood risk models of large areas at short notice.

Not limited to surveying the ground, drones can examine high, hard to reach places such as telecoms masts, wind turbines and chimneys. We have had great success with roof inspections in Northampton. Drones are faster, safer and cheaper than using humans to inspect high places.

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